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On my way to school today I stopped to pick up one of my friends...I have a manual choke and it was fairly cold so I had it choked pretty far...As I was waiting for my friend to come out to the car, I could tell that when I stopped reving the engine, it would sputter...So I just let it die (It usually fires right up)...I could smell something so I popped the hood...There were a couple of orange flames coming out of the manifold or somewhere around there....So after a couple of seconds it backfired and the flames went out...But then it wouldn't start and we had to ride to school with my friends mom...
Alright...This is what I think about the flame...Since I had it choked so far not all of the gas was burning in the block and went out to the manifold and ignited...Since I have a hole in my manifold the flames went out the hole instead of the exhaust pipe...I checked and nothing was melted...It was just an orange flame...Not very hot right? Do think that I am even close to guessing why there were flames? If I am right...Then why wouldn't it start back up? Oh by the way..It is a '79 with a piece of [censored] 196 if that helps at all....

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