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Re: Will this combination of locker suck in the snow?

With the front locker on dry pavement, in 4wd, steering is near impossible. I'm unschooled in snowy travel in anything but my 2wd trucks and various cars growing up in the northeast, but the open diff in the rear plus a locked front will provide an ample ammount of understeer, sometimes resulting in total steering ineffectiveness. 4wd should only be used in emergency straight line situations. If more traction is needed, lock the rear. It will cause a perceptable understeer, but not nearly as bas as with the locked front. These are my observations driving in slick mud with a traction of snow.

And my pet peeve, just cuz you can accelerate faster in 4wd doesn't mean you can stop any faster. Even a pinto uses all four brakes to stop (by design anyway, we hope).

'77 CJ-5: 304/T-150/D-20 F-D44 R-9" Power 4 wheel disk, 36X12.5 swampers
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