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Re: Tranny Slipping?

The tranny is NOT a brake. Any standard tranny car, truck,... will do that roll - stop - roll etc. if the tranny is the only thing left to hold it. The good news is that the tranny should be fine. Have you ever roll started a standard? When you pop the clutch out it learches as it rolls for a couple of cycles before it starts doesn't it?
Have you ever hand cranked an engine with a wrench on the flywheel? If you can turn the engine by hand with a wrench, it's only logical that the weight of the whole Jeep on a hill will do the same thing. The learch is caused by compression leakage as the other posts say but thats because as the weight of the Jeep makes it role, the drive train turns, making the engine turn (like with the wrench) and the cam shaft opens and closes the valves letting out the compression as ir it were running. If you put your key in with it parked like that I guarantee it will jump start itself. Ir you can't make real brakes for it for a while,
Tie the wheel chocks to some nylon rope and attach the rope to the seat post or something by the door. As you park, toss the chock out the door and let the Jeep roll up to it. When you want to leave, pull the rope and the chock comes back into the cab.
Basicly I wanted to say the tranny is fine and this is normal.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

'88 Sahara, 4.2, auto.
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