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project 5.0L to 5.8L complete

I swear it seems like I'm never gonna get done with my truck. This coversion has been nothing but a headache. First I couldn't come up with a computer(that's solved), then had to figure out the wiring harness(that's solved), then had to get a new distibutor, then a new radiator (I had a little temper problem with the old plastic one.)Then I had to cut the "Y" pipe exhaust with one of the cats (this was actually a good and bad thing) And then I had to figure out the alternator wiring, and finnally I put all new hoseing on. I wouldn't have been able to do this all without the help of all of you. Thanks a [censored] load everyone I have learned a great deal in doing this swap. I learned never to swap an engine thats 6 years newer that your vehicle 'cause it's gonna suck. Well I will help anyone as much as I can. You'll have to excuse me now I need to find some mud and a chevy to run over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm gonna have to post some pics as soon as I can figure out how.
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