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Re: 4.0 refurb swap.

I think there are better places to buy a rebuilt engine. I picked one up for @ 1000. Is there any reason you can't have the current one rebuilt? It would be cheaper, especially if you can find a good shop to do it. Do you have the time and a place to do the some of the rebuild yourself? I found that I needed both the Haynes and the Chilton's to complete my swap. One would lack information that was found in the other. If you are swapping because of high mileage, consider having the radiator checked by a competent shop. spend a little time learning about engine break in periods and such. Look back in these archives, someone recently posted s good deal of information concerning thier experience with a V-8 swap/rebuild. My swap took me 3 weekends. I am no great mechanic, but had assistance/advice from my brother ( who was a mechanic) and a excellent shop. Plenty of the standard shop tools, No air tools, most of the time my brother was working with using his tools. Since he got paid for his time, I did not want to interupt his paycheck. The best tool available was the electic hoist, on wheels. It made moving the engine around a breeze. I removed the front clip. grill rad and fenders. The front clip is very easy to remove, and with it off, allows great access to the engine bay. I helped a buddy do the same swap many years ago, that time we just pulled the grill and radiator. I marked a lot of hoses and tried to keep assemblies and bolts for them seperated. I also took poloriods at various stages, so I could see the routing of the hoses when it came time to put it back together.

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