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Black inside exhaust pipe

I just put on a Flowmaster, I asked the guy what series it was and he didn't know, but he did tell me it was a two-chamber and "everyone likes it". It is in the stock position and is 2 inches in and 2 1/2 out the back. Well I just had it put on in December and the inside of the tail pipe is already a very black color. It doesn't smoke at all from what I can tell and the tip of the exhaust pipe is starting to rust already. I keep it clean for the most part and the engine runs just fine. I do make a 220 mile drive every other weekend and at about 180 miles the engine starts to lag--it is always at the same place on the trip going one direction and at 200 miles the engine gets back its pep. It is really weird.
Any thoughts as to why the inside of the exhaust is black and as to why the strange behavior with the engine would be appreciated.
Oh yeah, it is a '89 S10 with a 4.3 in it.

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