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Re: exhaust survey

Sounds like a plan

Are you running a large single all the way back ? I replaced the stock tail pipe and muffler with Speedy replacement parts about 3 years ago on the 86 EFI 5.0 litre, but I'm watching what everyone else is using to see what the best system is for when I need to go front to back in a year or three.

I had performed the torturous job of changing the exhaust manifold gaskets last Summer and was surprised how solid that "two pipes into cat stock Y-pipe still was. I wonder what gauge they used, it was rock solid even after 16 years ! I seriously doubt the cat is doing a whole lot after all this time, but we don't have emissions tests up here anyway so like you say who cares.

So far after reading everyone's posts I've got a pretty good idea of what my system will incorporate when it comes time to change out the whole system. Reading everyone's trials with duals and for simplicity and economy reasons, duals are out for me.

The single I aims to go for will start with two oversized pipes off the manifolds bent using the Midas bending cards except I want them ending up one on top of the other for stock style clearance. Summit makes a great flowing two into one adapter that looks more like a header collector, this will be welded in to convert the two 2 1/2s into a full sized 3" system.

At the start of the 3" system a triangular 3 bolt holed flange will be welded in, making sure the pointy end faces up and not down where it might get torn off 4X4ing. Somebody's (the cheapest) 3" high flow cat will have similar 3 bolt holed flanges welded onto either end of it and a another flange will start the 3" pipe that make the run to the muffler.

The jury is still out on the muffler and I'll probably use the best 3" muffler that technology can offer then. I'd kinda like to use a similar cigar shape like the stock one, because I think they look like a "real truck's" muffler, but hey like I said, I'll use whatever is considered the best then.

Lastly I'm either going to graft on a Dodge Cummins 3-4" side exit tailpipe or have a clone built to look like it. These little Hondas with their pee shooter exhausts kill me with their 5" tailpipes but nobody, from any marque, laughs at that honkin' large Cummins tailpipe when their drivers window is level with it at a stoplight. It just screams "yeah, this truck's got the power to tear your Honda in half buddy".

That's my dream exhaust system, this week, good luck with yours


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