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hey guys i appreciate all the replys,but my problem has seemed to disapear, a friend of mine suggested i try switching brand of oil i was using rotella 10w-30 changing it every 1500 miles, this morning i changed my oil and used conoco super sae 30w well my sammi has never gotten over 60 mph but i found myself cruising down the highway doing 80 and the peddle wasnt even touching the floor!!!!!! and the smoking has stopped as well when i got back to the house i let it idle for 3 hours and it never did start smoking, and yes i did recheck the oil its still full i put maybe 150 miles on it today so far so good, but i cant see how a brand of oil can be a fix all? has anyone else experienced the same thing??????? or is my sammi allergic to rotella lol

always looking for samurai parts
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