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Help \'86 Bronco ignition problem???

I rebuilt my carb 1 year ago and the truck ran fine for 6 months. Now for the last 6-months the truck will shut off while driving, it doesn't stutter or hesitate, it just shuts off like you turn the key off. When you try to re-start it it acts like there is an electrical power drain, lights dim and the starter turns over slowly. It will start but only for 1 second and immediately shut off again. It will do this 5 or 6 times before it will finally stay running. Eventually, as you are driving, this sequence will be repeated. I started trouble shooting at the carb, it is pumping fuel even when the problem occurs so I ruled carb problems out. Last night I replaced the positive battery cable andI replaced the ignition coil. I thought the coil might be cutting out but this did not fix the problem. I am now starting to wonder if I have a bad wire somewhere. The engine and wire harness are original from 1986. Something is occasionally draining the electrical power. Bad ground? Any ideas out there????

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