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How to R&R tailgate cable support on a `96 GMC?

One of the cables that supports the tailgate when the tailgate is open has rotted through and is just hanging together by a thin piece of the plastic coating on my `96 GMC Sonoma ZR2.

I have another cable, but it's still on a junk tailgate. Basically, I plan on robbing the cable support off the junk tailgate and swapping it onto the good tailgate on my truck. I can't figure out how to remove either one (the one on the junk tailgate or the one on my truck).

The cable is attached to the latch and there are 2 Torx screws that hold the latch onto the tailgate. When I removed the Torx screws, the latch came loose, but it seems like there is some kind of retainer that is still holding it inside the gate.

Any suggestions?


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