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Re: 92rxl ign. problems

Polaris uses brown wire for ground thru out their sleds. You should have a orange and brown on each coil. I don't think you problem is in the ignition coils. There are a couple of six or eight pin connectors down by the pull starter... one sends power to the coils the other power to the lights and rest of the machine. If you look you will notice they are wide open in the back and I have seen them get wet in there and shut down a machine. I would blow them out with a compressor and see if that is the problem. I fill the back of mine with RTV to make them water tight. To find your no spark problem, start by unplugging the kill switch, then the key switch and handlebar heaters. Any of these can get wet and cause a no spark situation. If it still won't start you may have lost the exciter coil. It is located under the flywheel and is sandwitched with the lighting coil. It is common for the 650s to loose them. You may be able to check it with an ohm meter without disassembly. Check the service manual for test proceedure. It is held in place under the flywheel with a couple of screws and is soldered into the wire harness. Carefull removeing the flywheel not to damage the hall effect pickup on the outside of the flywheel. Flywheel is removed with a puller and it is threaded with metric bolt holes.
Check those items.

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