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I don't know if this addresses your problem, but this is what I have done. I think there may be some special tool to use for this procedure to measure the force on the steering shaft but I don't have one. This works for me. The steering box has an slotted adjustment stud with a jam nut on top. The jam nut needs to be loosened before any adjustments can be made. To do the adjustment, remove the washer reservior by pulling straight up and set it aside to give you room to work. Put your wrench on the jam nut and loosen it. Then take your BF screwdriver and place it in the slot and screw in a clockwise rotation. Check your slack by twisting the steering shaft with your free hand. When enough slack is removed tighten down the jam nut while still holding the slotted stud with your BF screwdriver. CAUTION, you can overtighten the steering and lose all ability to steer your Samurai. So be careful and do a little at a time. Do a search on the list for additional information on adjusting your steering.
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