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Re: better fuel mileage... where to start?

As a former owner of a 91 Indy500 and friends had the Indy Trail.

From what you mentioned is CORRECT the Indy500LC will use a lot less fuel then the IndyTrail 488fan.

On one trip I used $23 to fill up(Indy500)and he(IndyTrail) took $31 to fill up.

The fancool uses the gas to cool it down while the LC well has LC to keep it cool,thus no need for the extra cooling of more gas.

But you can fis inefeciencies by rebuilding the clutches,skin skins(seriously)graphite sliders($30).

But do NOT expect anywhere near the gas mileage your Indy500 has compared to The IndyTrail.The Trail has and will always be one of the biggest GAS hogs around.

Punch Da Throttle and ROOST!!
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