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when they mix the paint at the factory, they add a reducer to the paint to thin it out. Usually, this reducer is helps the paint cure at a specific temperature. They use a mid range reducer for obvius purposes. The slower a paint dries, the more glossy it will be. The faster the paint dries, the less glossy it is. if the paint dries to fast, it doesn't have sufficient time to smooth out. The temperature the paint dries at has a lot to do with it's durability and sheen. That's why professional shops choose a reducer dependent upon the temperature of the spray booth and how they want the paint to look. I Rattle can stuff quite a bit in cold weather, since I don't like painting in a closed space, but I make sure the can is at room temperature, and I usually heat whatever it is I'm painting to about a 100-120 degrees F with a torch (before I actually paint of course, not While i'm actually painting.). This usually works pretty well for me. I hate rattle can paint anyways, the stuff is NEVER very durable.


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