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Flat spots at TAKEOFF!!

Hey yall, why does my truck always have flatspots whenever I stop at redlight so stop signs. It only does it after the truck has been sitting but what it will do is you will stop, then press the gas ot go , you will get some response btu then it will just go completely flat and the truck goes nowhere so I end up hittin the gas even harder cause teh truck isnt moving or responding and I guess I could say it finally catches or whatver and jumps forward cause im having to stomp the gas, well nto really stomp but put allot more foot into it then I do usually. Teh carb is a new Edelbrock 1406 w/ electric choke. Oh yeah , it only has these flatspots after it has sit for some number of hours liek to day which was 4 hrs while I was at work. After driving for awhile, it will not do this.

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