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Back from Jeep land

I just got back from a week-long business trip to California. Went everywhere from San Juan Capistrano, through Laguna areas, LA, all the way to Victorville. All I can say is damn, Jeep land. Between the Mercedes, Lexuses, Vipers, Hummers, etc. etc. were more built Jeeps than I've ever seen in one place. Many were "oooh, I've got a big truck" Jeeps, but many were built to ungodly proportions. Hell, I even saw 5 or 6 built ZJ's and WJ's!

Not to mention, there's an AWESOME Jeep yard on Canyon road north of Laguna Beach. That's all it is - just a bunch of built CJs, TJs, YJs, XJs, etc. etc. I damn near got in a wreck when I drove by (all 5 times).

Also, I even saw a street sign marking a designated "off highway vehicle" road, called Cleghorn Road. Ever heard of it? I wanted to go REAL bad, but the rental car wasn't having it.

'82 CJ-7/360/727/D300/M.O.R.E. shackles and lots of ideas!

Have you kissed your JEEP lately?
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