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Re: What gear ratio with 33\'s

Like saddle tramp said, look at your entire drive train, and how you plan on using it. I have the 4.2 with 33", but I also have a low geared tranny, and I am very happy with my 3.73's. To be able to cruise on the highway and still have low end grunt, you will need a gear combination somewhere between 50 and 60. If you are a dedicated crawler, and don't have any intention of highway jaunts, you may be more happy with something in the 70's or even 80's. With an automatic tranny, you can safely reduce your low end gearing about 20%. (i.e. Manual low gear final drive 50, Auto 40)

Final drive is just the low gear of tranny X reduction in T-case X Rearend ratio. (5.22x2.56x3.73 = 49.85)

With the Overdrive, you can lower your rearend gearing same as the overdrive is overdriven, and still be happy. (If that makes any sense)

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