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Moose on my tail?...trail.

Im new here so I dont know if anyone has brought this up.Everyone keeps talking about snowmobilers bothering wild life. A few years ago we had so much snow that the animals couldnt get around for their feed. Guess what they did. We could hardly get around on the trails for wildlife. We had beware of moose signs everywhere. People even added "and we mean it" to those signs. I travel alone alot and had trouble getting them to move,(one had to wait untill one was out of the woods into a field to go around them) so much so that hubby had to put reverse on my sled for me so I could turn in tight spots to take an alternate route. What happened to these poor swamp donkeys when there is no trails? By the way, these same animals still use our trails when there isnt a lot of snow, axcept that they move off the trail when a sled comes.

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