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Re: OT: Fair Chase Hunting

<font color=purple>I found this passage to be of particular interest:

</font color=purple>"Apparently there seems to be some communication gap about this between your outfit's good intent and what's actually happening on the ground."<font color=purple>

Looks to me like the communication gap (that you're attempting to close) exists between OHV enthusiasts & "fair chase" hunters. What both sides of this previously non-existent argument missed is that none of us advocate the kind of unethical and illegal activities described - during hunting season or otherwise. As both a hunter & OHV enthusiast, I've found myself in the same situation as Mr. Josaitis. And let me assure you I take a dim view of "ATV" hunters. Now, my definition may not quite match his however. To me, the guys who use their ATV's as an excuse to sleep late & go in early, and end up making a lot of noise & ruckuss on the way to & from their stands (even if staying on legal roads) during peak game movement hours are very irritating. But, I have no problem with people who use ATV's and/or trucks to carry themselves deeper into better territory and/or to recover game - provided they stay on legal roads & don't drive around all over the place during hunting hours (going back to camp for lunch is fine). I do that myself - 'course once there I get out of my truck & hunt on foot (my favorite trick is to find a particularly nasty, but legal road that leads up to Wilderness land. That puts me several miles beyond most of the ATV's & Trucks even before I get out to walk). I too have carried an elk bit by bit out on my shoulders, but because I chose to hunt where ATV's & Trucks are not allowed. Things may be different where Mr. Josaitis hunts, but in my experience I've not found any ATV's in Wilderness areas. That could be one solution for his personal problem. But, I agree that we somehow need to clean up the illegal off-road activity that takes place in non-Wilderness areas. I guess I don't have any answers, but I do have some opinions [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]</font color=purple>


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