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Re: Repair/Replace Questions

Is your hood damaged or have you not found the hood release yet? <g>

The hood release is located in the middle of the dash, to the right of the ashtray IIRC. Look for the only pull knob there and PULL.

The hood opens from the windshield area (hinges at the front) and sometimes needs a little help "popping" open depending on how well adjusted everything is.

As for the windshield frame..

You'd need to unbolt the hardtop first - 4 screws along the top of the windshield in particular, but I think you'd want to have the entire hardtop off (5 bolts along each side under the side windows).

With the hardtop off.. there are three bolts on each side holding the windshield in.

They're accessed through the door-hinge area. The top hole in the body (either at the hinge or there's on above it). You'll see two bolt heads - 9/16" sockets. Unbolt 'em w/o dropping the bolts into the body cavity.

One more bolt (per side) runs vertically for adjustment. If you look above the top of the "body" you'll see a space between the windshield frame and firewall. Look a little lower (inside the same hole you just pulled the two bolts from) and you'll see a vertical bolt. Remove that.

You'll probably also need to remove the cowl-plate (just in front of the windshield) - just some philip's head screws. Also be sure to unplug the windshield wiper motor (on the passenger side, under the windshield, almost hiding in the fender). There's a disconnect plug on the wiring harness. Also pull the windshield washer hose from the nozzles.

Then lift the windshield frame up n' away - don't drop it!


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