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To explain the problem fully requires some long-winded story telling... My 2.5 was just replaced back in November. When I hit my 500 mile point, I decided to celebrate and do some minor 'froading. Well, to make a long story short, I crossed a stream in an unfamiliar place and wound up going in over the hood! After I pulled the submarine out, everything was pulled, fluids changed repeatedly, etc. She ran great. Then, it got cold here. When the temp. was below 20 F, the starter wouldn't turn over - just a click. So, I checked the battery (it's new), then the starter (lifetime warranty). The guys at AutoZone hooked a test light between the positive battery cable end and the positive post of the battery and the light would cycle - coming on for a second or so, then off for a like amount of time. As I've been told to do before, I pulled each fuse, one at a time, then checked the test light. When the DOME fuse was pulled, the light stayed off.
Now, to note the severity of the short: I can't even jump start my Jeep - I've tried using a 1000 CCA battery with the vehicle running. Everything has checked fine - the cables, ends, battery, starter, solenoid. When I get new mounting bolts for the starter, I'm gonna try to run it with the dome circuit unhooked...
Any suggestions are truly appreciated!

Jason Perkins
90 YJ soft top
It'll be a real Jeep someday...
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