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Re: Air cleaner vs. Mud hole

> If memory serves the engine bay of your scout is pretty
>tight and that may not be an option.

My engine bay isn't so tight. No inner fenders, no heater, no battery, etc. Only thing "cluttering" the engine bay are the shock hoops.

>The way you describe the splash you might be just fine with
> what you are planning, I've seen a lot of guys running the
> same setup with no problems so it can't be all bad. I hit

That's what I was hoping to hear. :-) "BTDT and it works well enough."

>quite a few tracks with deep water, and with a windshield
>the water comes from all directions so I'm a little anal
> about it.

For the M4x4A rules, the windshield isn't needed and it's just extra weight and one more thing to break. If I were to run NMRO there are a number of other things I'd have to upgrade as well - we only require 1/8" *aluminum* U-joint shields.. I'm told NMRO wants 1/4" steel, etc. (I'm running 1/8" steel currently)

I did find a video clip that demonstrates a little of what happens when I hit the water. In this clip we'd tried hanging plastic sheeting for "inner fenders" as well as covering up the big hole in the hood. I really think it made it MUCH worse and just channelled everything right into the air filter.

(FWIW, I was trying to slow up and get the front tires into the water and THEN hit the throttle - but got on it too soon)

Just under 2Mb

There's a larger/high-def version at:

Thanks everyone,


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