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\"Right of way access\"/ditch riding

<font face="Comic Sans MS">Ok boys and girls, this probably isn't going to be a popular post, but it's something that should probably be said.

Keep in mind that what you think may be "right of way" accesses such as the area between ditches and the roads (across private property or public property) are really not right of ways for everybody. They are "right of way" for the utility companies and nobody else. A few local snowmobilers have been driving across that area of my family's yard. I wouldn't care but they have a bit of a garden thing there and it's been a little disturbed. It's mainly the principal of the thing, if it isn't yours keep in mind not to use it without expressed written permission to operate there. The sledders using this property are also putting us at risk for a law suit. Michigan law states that if somebody injures themself on your property, you can be held responsible, even if they had no right or permission to be there anyway. Just a few thoughts to ponder. This is a part of the reason that snowmobiling can come under attack by greenie wackos so easily. Upset one land owner and they'll spread their unfavorable opinion to others.

Just a few thoughts. By the way sometime in the next year or two I should have a sled, so I'm not being hostile to sled owners, just stating some information to help keep a more favorable opinion of the sport so I'll still be able to purchase one legally in the future. [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img]

Have a good one guys/gals...</font>

Tim "Sandman"

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