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Matt M38A1
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Re: Frankenstein XLT - other polaris\'ers

I am totally with Mark on his thoughts. However, I would add, don't be to concerned witht the XLT not having had a rebuild yet. Take a compression tester with you (buy one if you need to), and do all three cylinders. You should get 110-120 lbs depending on condition. Remember, no more than 10% difference between any two cylinders. Meaning if two are at 119, and the third is 90 there may be ring or cylinder issues.

I would go with the XLT. The track on the 500 will be a bitch to change, and isn't worth the hassle. On the XLT get the track off the gound and free wheel the idlers by hand. This way you can see if any bearings are bad (some will be). Don't sweat it they're 5 or 10 bucks at a bearing store. Grease the hell out of all suspension pivots front and rear. Inspect the primary clutch rollers for signs of rust. If it's there you'll know what I mean. Looks like ornage dust on the edges of the rollers (usually). That's a good sign the rollers are worn out and the clutch will need a rebuild.

4000 miles isn't too bad. My dad's 95 XLT has almost 5g and it runs great. It's all about upkeep.

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