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Re: NP241 bolted up to a NV4500

AA sells a book on nothing but the NV-4500, I would suggust picking one up. I would hate to seer you wrong on something that is that expensive. But the way I understand it, the light weight Dodge is the one that you want. The extension housing is the shortest, and the tail shaft has the correct spline count for the 231. Only the early jeep 231's had the 19 spline count, which used the ba 10/5, and all other Jeeps 231's used the 23. The Dodge 231 had the same spline count, but the lip seal area is longer, but I don't think that it interferes. Ram 1500's used this combo with the 3.9's the 5.2's and the 5.9's.

If you want to swap t-cases, read the label on the back. The Jeeps use j-231 meaning jeep, these are light weight. Most Dodges use dhd, meaning dodge heavy duty. The chains are thicker, and there are more planetarys in the recduction. I like the dhd 242, It is the same size as the 231's but have the added shift mode of full time 4X4, which is nice in snow.

The Chevy version of the NV-4500 uses a longer extension housing, and larger output shaft, which is the same size as the Dodge heavy duty. You want the Chevy input shaft for your Chevy motor. AA says something about using their bell housing because the stock Chevy bell housing uses an internal slave cylinder, and the hoses exit the bell housing on the wrong side, and may cause interferance. I don't see why you couldn't just mount the slave upside down, and drill the bell housing for the hydrolic line.

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