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Re: Please help what can I do?????

Hey dude, its NOT that big of deal. I had NO idea that ALL CAPS meant YELLING. UNFORTUNATELY, I have YET to read the CAPS DICTIONARY for the COMMON PERSON. Does that mean that everytime I say "I", that I am yelling???? EEEYYYYEE!, lol...oh, on the "black dude" thing, I...oops....i...can understand how some peeps can get offended, but it's not like ya called him a n*^#@*. Geez Louise (does that mean that I am yelling the first letter of a sentence too?), you didn't even imply that it was "the bad side of town".....someone else did that. You were just defining the type of rims that were on the truck. As some black people buy rims that some white people would not, I think it is a fine way to help describe the way the type of rims is on the truck presently...(and u should sell em where u got em), to frozenb, get a freakin life dude. There was no racist connotations. While your "many crackers make the same modifications" stats may be off a little, who f*&%in cares???

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