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CHiPs off-road race episode (OT)

In a rare event, I woke up early enough this morning to turn the TV on. Flipping through the channels, I just caught the beginning of an old CHiPs episode where Ponch and John entered an off-road race. Seeing that I'm 29, I grew up on this show, The Dukes of Hazzard, The A-team, you get the idea. It was great seeing all the old lifted late 70's Ford, Chevys, and such. There was a really nice CJ in the episode too, although I question the need for the quad shock setup in the front!!
I remember in second and third grade, there would be so many arguments on which was better: Ford?, Chevy?, Dodge? We spent half of our time drawing big jacked up trucks and fighting over whose looked cooler!!! It makes me realize that cars have always been in my blood, and I'm proud to be a gearhead!
Just getting nostalgic on you guys, sorry. Anyone else have any childhood car stories, or am I a freak!!??

Later, Mark H
2000 TJ Sport. Ummmmm, it's just... stock.....ummmm, FOR NOW

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