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Re: need your help(soa)??

What type of springs are you running and how old or new are they. What type of shocks and shock mount configuration? Did you modify the spring mount and chackle mounts at all? Do you have any body lift? are you running hard tops?
Although the SOA is flexy and taller, it should also have a tendency to very easily compress the uphill spring packs on a side hill so that you arent acting like a slinky falling away from the hill, that is unless you have some shock or spring bind hindering compresion(especialy in the rear). If you could post some pics of the jeeps going through their paces would help a lot. If you are heavy on top with a hard top or spare tires, that is also very noticeable with an SOA. the springs may also just need to be trail ridden for a while to loosen them up so that they compress as readily as they extend.
I improved my side lean a lot when I went to cantilevered rear shocks, using R9012's.
Halfcab, you can run an SOA on narrow trak axles, but its just simple mechanics, that as you go higher you really should go wider for more stability. Again though, good SOA set ups come from a good ballance of all the factors,and have numerouse variables.
Just learning to drive an SOA makes a huge difference, the large amount of potential flex that helps in many extreme conditions, can also bite you in the ass, if forced into unfavorable positions.

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