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Re: Race Results - here\'s mine, where\'s yours?

<font color=purple>Youch! That's why I've made a habit of killing my engine as I cross the finish. That way, I'm never panicking looking for the kill switch - I'm already reaching for it before trouble strikes. The cut tire guys all have to run a kill-cable in "pits" in case they cross the line unconcious. Shuts the engine off the instant they finish. Hasn't been a rollover since they instituted that policy several years back - not much you can do about a street truck, though[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif[/img]. We don't run a kill-cable in shallow drags & in my G.U.M.B.O. events, I don't put any of the fast guys in the "pit", they all run the "Fast Track". So, no kill-cable at my races. Most of the guys would never go for that on shallow drags 'cause they want power to the tires in case they get sideways. On the other hand, it's been my experience that most who go sideways do so because they stayed on the throttle TOO LONG. Either way, crashes can happen & they aren't much fun.</font color=purple>


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