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Re: Axle wrap---not the proper demon? Ponder this...

[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] Farmjeep, this is one time that I am going to take the opposite view and say that it "ain't the same thing". The power hop that you describe seems vastly different and the root cause seems vastly different than the predictible wheel-hop-due-to-spring-windup that autos have experienced ever since there was suficient engine HP to MAKE it happen. You're a teensy bit too young to remember this but in the thirties, fourties, and into the fifties, Detroit had a slew of torque tube equipped cars. The early Ferds were, of course, and the Chev-Lays and the Boowahs were also. You haven't lived till you jerk the rear end out of a '50 Buick Roadmaster. The axle and the enclosed driveline were one giant "Tee" shape and plugged directly into the rear of the Dynaflow Transmission. Those cars had a noticeable "firmness" to the acceleration, since the rear axle did not wind up at all. They also used sort of an enclosed ball joint to cover the one and only U-joint at the tranny, and of course those joints had to be CV. We always used the solid shaft drivelines out of the Ferds for crowbars, since Henry's meatllurgy was always primo. On one hand, axle wrap due to leaf springs sort of cushions the effect of dumping the clutch, but on the other hand the hop that it can cause can also blow an axle too.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img]

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