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Re: What ever came of \"our\" axle wrap discussion?

Thanks for the compliments,(us Navy guys are very smart). The Ford radius arm works very well at stopping axle wrap, and still allows the axle to travel through its arc. It does a very good job of allowing the axle to stay firmly planted and aids in traction on very steep hill climbs. Its also as strong as tank. But it still has at least one drawback. The Ford radius arms are very beefy, and C clamp at the axle end is quite bulky. Combine that with the placement as close to the center of the axle as possible, and you end up with a bit of a rock magnet. The problem is that with running only 36" tires,("only 36" tires" thats not something you heard to often a few years ago) on my favorite trails I often have to get creative with my driving. I have learned to use my rear diff as a sort of skid plate when neccessary, and with practice and a feel for where everything is positioned underneath, I can very affectively slide the diff when I need with no damage. The problem is that now when I try to slide off to the driver side I end up getting caught between the diff and radius arm. Its not that it sits to low as much as it creates a surface that will not readily surf over rocks.
So although this set up works well and does a great job of preventing breakage due to axle wrap. It is still probably just an interim modification, untill I feel really creative,(like a 4 link 1/4 eliptical).
It is a very easy, and affordable modification though.

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