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Re: Help, Water damage maybe!!

took apart as many connections as possible this isnt too easy with some connecions breaking so take it easy. the WD-40 displaces the water and makes for a better connection. However water does dry by itself. But also causes rusting in the connections. as for the interior? I just took out my carpet and said F--- it. and got some paintable undercoating from Checker and took care of the interior. Also cleaned up some rust spots and filled them with the undercoating. Works great, even quieter, but it is kinda slipery. otherwise just clean the carpet good and you should be fine. We were playing deep in the water, similar to yours but our water was WAY dirty and Im still finding water damage in hidden spots. like the old speakers. the back of my truck was DEEP, up above the top of the tailgate (kinda f'ed up on that call) and had to get pulled out from the front. good luck my friend

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