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Re: building a mud truck

<font color=purple>My local tire dealer only looked at a few brands for 9.00X16's, & I didn't have any suggestions for him. We did find a couple of directional tires, but in 19/32's of tread depth. I know there are better ones out there, but didn't know what brand to check into. My Q78 Swampers are 27/32's deep, so I like them a lot (same-size Buckshots are 28/32's deep). Gumbo Mudders (not Buckshots) come in 9.00X16, but only something like 20/32's of tread depth - otherwise I might have tried a pair of those up front with Q78's in the rear.

As to the question of tire choice in a big-ol' slop hole. Definitely the 44's will be the better choice if they're allowed. Ideally, you'd run TSL's up front with Boggers in the back, but if you want a matched set, TSL's all the way around - especially for a heavy truck. You'll get 2" of extra ground clearance under 44's & that's really a big deal, especially since you have a 60 front. I do know two guys making 39.5" Boggers work at all 4 corners, but both are relatively light & very powerful. The first is a Land Cruiser running a 477" roller motor on alcohol & nitrous. He has a 44 front/9" rear, 15X14 Carbon Fibers, 3.07 open front gears, 3.50 spooled rears, TH350/205 & runs 2nd low at 7,800 RPM's. That's roughly 90MPH of tire speed & he actually floats almost as well as a "modified" on cuts would. The other guy is running a nitrous fed 427 Ford FE in a CJ2A & he sits way in the back up against the tailgate. His weighs 2,850 lbs & if he punches it on the starting line, the front comes up. He also floats over the mud real well. We had another guy that used to run a 351C at 9,000 RPM's with 42's on 15X14's running 1st low (C6/205) & 3.50's. That one was 2,800 lbs & floated somewhat, but when he switched the rears to 39.5" Boggers, it didn't float as well - I guess because the tires were smaller. And when he lost momentum, the Boggers would dig big holes while the 42's up front would stay on top. 44" TSL's vs. 39.5" Boggers? I'd go for 44" TSL's myself.</font color=purple>


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