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Well, I smoked a late 60's model Chevy with 44's and a strong sounding motor in the first round. That's also when I had lane choice. Seemed everyone who won ran in the right lane. Drew the left lane the second time and a stinkin Bronco II with a tough 302 just pulled ahead of me. He ended up winning the trophy. I could have beat him but I missed a gear and blew a header gasket. Started in 4hi and 2nd gear when I won in the good lane, went to start in 4-low and 2nd in the deep sloppy lane. Had a great hole-shot but whined out pretty fast and tried to row it into 3rd. That's when it revved to about 6500 and started putting. Kinda ticked my off so I hit a hole pretty hard and my brother hit his head on the roof off the cab. He'll wear his seat-belt next time. What can you do to keep header gaskets from leaking?

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