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Re: Muffler Q for Mudracer

<font color=purple>One chamber, eh? Hmmmmmmmmmm. Sounds about right. May have to check those out. Edelbrock recommends 1 7/8" headers with the stuff that's in my motor - and that's for a 350. I've got 1 5/8" "engine swap" headers & I might ditch those eventually. One of the things keeping me from getting the better heads I want is the fact that I won't get any benefit out of them until I switch the headers. But, doing both at once will kinda hit the ol' wallet[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif[/img].

I kinda figured yours to be 2-chamber as they were quite a bit louder than the 3-chamber one on my tow vehicle. 'Course I wasn't sure if that was more because of the style of the muffler than the fact that you (1) have more HP than my tow vehicle and/or (2) have duals.</font color=purple>


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