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Re: 91 4.3 hard starting problem

Hey Canada guy when you redid the motor did you scrap any emmissions stuff such as the heat stove,Thermac sensor,aircleaner housing,Charchol canister,choke valve,etc? These items are things that when taken off in search of better looks or power,decrease the efficiency of the engine when it cold out. If you didnt remove them, check to see that the #1 Heat stove tube is ok,#2 the Choke valve on the air cleaner housing is not sticking(GM sells heat valve lubricant<choke valve=heat valve>). If It isnt working properly and you have lubricated the heat valve shaft inside the air cleaner housing, try checking the Thermac air temperature sensor. This can be checked simply by runnig it in hot water then cold water. Using your mouth(be a man) suck on the bigger of the two holes in the Sensors vacuum hookups when its hot. It should give resistance to the sucking action. Now try running it in cold water. It should have no resistance or you could say the vacuum will travel to the Heat valve. Got it? TBI'S need this intact to enable the choke feature. 614streets

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