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Re: want to do t-master 5\"

No i just banged them once.. The truck is kinda heavy.. I think the Rancho kit is the best one on the market as far as durrability compaired to the T-master kit.. Better arms, a lower sub frame with a front support.. Fit and finish is also nicer.. I love it for what it did.. Im selling mine because I want to make some money back to pay for the SFA.. The reason Im going with the SFA is because I have found the limitations off-road with IFS.. I did like flying down a wash in the dez at blistering speeds where the IFS was fine.. But now im handing that over to my buggie.. Now I want a vehicle that can get me as far back on a trail as I want to go.. IFS can't do that.. Thats why you keep hearing your frame scrape on every thing.. Think of when both sides of an IFS suspention gets compressed.. THat big ole center section gets reall close to the ground.. I have been hung up on more stump that I care to get out again and see what im riping off.. I have had it.. And the vac dissconect up front is a POS!! I also have a 2" body so I can fit even bigger tires, 33x12.5's now.. So that means I need to regear right?? Well 4.56 are fairly non existant for the 7.2 IFS as well as 4.10 (rare).. CV's are weak and expencive to replace.. AS well as balljoints on the IFS system.. I feel I will be getting rid of more problems then what the conversion would entail and be more durrable.. Worth it I think..

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