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Re: 2.5L hookup to TH400

I dont believe the 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder AMC engines will interchange. If they did they everyone would know it just like we know all the 6 and 8 cylinder engines interchange. That TH-400 is a heavy brute and can take the power of pretty much any automotive engine. Kinda negates using a lighter engine and a heavy tranny like that doesn't it? The 904 and 909 autos used in 4-cylinder Cherokees and Comanches would bolt up to the engine. I think a 904 bellhousing would bolt to a 999 tranny, which has a 2.75:1 first gear- one of the lowest first gears used in any Jeep autobox (the AW30-40 used a 2.8:1 first gear.) Then you are left with finding an x-case to bolt to the rear of the 999. Once again I think a Dana 300 will bolt up since this tranny was used in CJs from 80-86, the same years the D-300 was used. That would be a really nice, light-weight set-up in a Flatefender for sure!

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