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Re: Jeep Dual Batteries

I know everyone thinks that I am beating this dual battery thing to death. But I still have a few questions. I hope that this will not be toooo much for the irritable old-timers.

So far, I can only see 2 reasons to isolate the batteries:
1. Cousin J. Bubba likes to pump the cd player, winch, lights, ect..without the engine running.
2. One weaker battery drains a stronger battery.

# 1 is easy. Take your keys. If you catch Cousin J. Bubba jacking around with your Jeep, slam his fingers in the hood. He will catch on.

# 2 is a little harder. How could you isolate the batteries so that a weaker battery could not drain a stronger one but yet they would still be fully functional at all times? I'll bet TR doesn't even know this one.


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