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Re: Newbie has Questions:

Thanks guys, great info.

Now that I'm home, here's what's hand-written in the owners manual:

8-14-89 69,275 miles - replaced engine with 350, Blackjack headers p/n 5803, cam, blue racer wolverine p/n w6-1103, edlebrock performance manifold, holley 600 cfm 1850 4 barrell, TRW oil slot bearings, <font color=blue>can't really make this next part out, but it looks like .... </font color=blue> crowe molf pushrods, new hoses, belts, thermostat (180') & edlebrock valve covers.

I understand the intake, carb, and 350 engine, but I don't know about the rest. Is it good stuff?
read: <font color=red>opinions please ...</font color=red>

As far as the steering, I measured the distance between the front tires, and there is a difference of about a 1/2 inch with the front being wider across then the back. I assume this means I need an alignment.
The tires are brand new, but are way too small for the truck. they are 255-70-R15's. The previous owner threw them on because the 31" tires he had were shot and no one would buy it with them on.

So, do I get the alignment done now? I'm planning on throwing some 33x12.5 BF Goodrich AT's on there in about a week or so and wonder if it Would be best to hold off on the alignment until after I do that?

The steering is VERY sloppy. there is a lot of play in the wheel -- this is what causes the drifting. if I'm cruising down a smooth road, it goes very straight, but if I hit a bump, or come to a corner, thats when the drifting starts. Does this mean I can adjust it with that hex nut?

I did not notice any problems with the steering box seperating from the frame. I don't think the original owner even 4 wheeled this thing, as there is no signs of stress anywhere around the vehicle.

I don't know the proper terminology, but here is what I see when I look at the steering:
off the drivers tire there is a 'V' or 'U' shaped metal bracket -- on the end of it, is connected a long (18" ?) bar with ball joints on both ends (steering arm?) and that in turn connects to a bracket (pitman arm?) that goes to the steering box. the long bar with the ball joints on the ends is not angled up or down at all. It is pretty level with the ground as the bracket (pitman arm?) that connects it to the steering box is molded in a downward curve and comes down to meet it. -- Does this make sense?

I had someone move the wheel back and forth and all the joints look very solid -- there doesnt seem to be any play in any of them. I think this is a good thing [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

Thank again guys, and yea, I think I found my place for 4 wheel knowledge! [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]


-- '84 K5 Blazer --
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