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Re: Newbie has Questions:

Ditto to what the others said but also check a couple things.

Tires have a huge impact on handling. Makes sure tire pressure is balanced side to side. Are the tires in good shape? Any funny wear patterns?

Is your steering sloppy? In other words, is there excess play/lash in the wheel? This can be adjusted by the hex nut on top of the steering box.

Its doubtfull your caster is out, thats rarely the case. Also, the lack of a steering correction doesn't usually cause a wander. I drove my 85 K20 for a month with a 4" lift and the stock steering arm (only on pavement mind you as it is my daily driver as well) and had no problems.

Check your toe-in. Take a tape measure and measure across at the rear and the front of the wheels. The front should be 1/8 to 3/16th inches closer.

But do check all your joints as the others said - thats most likely the problem. Good luck!

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