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I had a `92 S-10 4x4 with 30x9.5's on it. That was about all that truck could handle unlifted. I run 32x11.5's on my `96 ZR2 now, which originally came with 31x10.5's. I don't see how you could fit 31" tires onto a 2 WD (2WD's normally sit lower than 4x4's stock) without AT LEAST 3" of body lift. My ZR2 has 3" suspension lift and the 31's barely fit... 32's rubbed A LOT until they wore down a little bit.

Aside from the fact that you'll have a hard time fitting bigger tires onto your truck, the acceleration and fuel economy your truck has now will go to pot for two reasons...

a)the rear differential gears are too high for the bigger tire size. (I run 3.73 gears on my ZR2 with the 4.3L. 2 WD's are normally 3.08, although I have seen some with 4.11's. If you have 4.11 gears, you might be alright.).

b)However, the 2.2L engine is too small (not enough power) to bring you up to speed with big tires and the 3.08 gears you probably have. This means the engine has to work harder just to bring you up to speed, requiring more gas.

Just my $.02

<font color=red>TOO MUCH POWER</font color=red> isn't enough.
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