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Re: A few engine questions

As a general rule the motors are "nick-named" using .030" over. So a 4.030 bore(350 block) x 3.75 stroke(400 crank) is a 383, and a 4.155(400 block) x 3.48(350 crank) is a 377. Renaming beyond that is just confusing.

I would stay away from the 383, especially the 5.565 rods. Of the two I would go with the 377. It is stronger, will rev better and higher, make more horsepower and torque, last longer, and get better mileage. The 383 will make more torque way down low, like at idle, but that's it. And the torque will probably not be noticable. It has more friction, will suck more gas, make less horsepower, and if you use 5.565 rods you're engine will be a joke. You'll also need the bigger heavier 400 harmonic balancer and 400 flexplate.

If I were you I would consider the 377 vs the 400. The 400 will really make torque.
You will need to get 5.7"(350) rods for it. 6.0" would be great if you want $pend the cash. The disadvantages are out weighed by the power! This is of course my opinion, the 400 is my favorite motor. I've ran the piss out of the two I have. My second choice would be a 377 if I had to choose. The 377 will easily make 400ftlbs torque at whatever rpm band of cam you choose.
Either one will work great with Nitrous too.

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