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Re: A few engine questions

<font color=purple>Yes, there are multiple ways to get 377's, 383's, etc. A .060 over 400 destroked with a 350 crank (3.48") would be about 383, as would a stroked .030 over 350 with a 400 crank (3.75"), OR the new 383 from GM mentioned above which is an UNbored 350 with a 3.8" crank. The rod length does not make any difference in displacement, but longer is better if you are looking for HP (you have to make sure you use pistons MADE for whatever length rod you use or it will position them incorrectly in the cylinder - or OUT of it). The formula for displacement is:

(bore/2)*(bore/2)*3.14*stroke*# of cylinders

For example, let's look at that .060 over destroked 400:

(2.0925)(2.0925)*3.14*3.48*8 = 382.76 - rounded up is 383.

Now, the stock bore 377 stroked from a 350:

(2)(2)*3.14*3.75*8 = 376.8 - rounded up is 377.

And so on...........</font color=purple>


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