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A few engine questions

Dreaming about a new engine for my blazer and here's what I've come up with. I'd really like a stroker motor, have built one in the past but am far from an expert. Now my new PAW catalog came

They offer a 377 kit with a 4 bolt main block, 2 pc rear main, 3.750 crank, 5.565 rods, TRW forged dish or flattop, rings, bearings, camshapt, timing chain, balanced for $1795 unassmebled. Now for $2395, you get all the above plus World Products SR heads, lifters, pushrods, oil pump, gaskets, long slot rockers.

Now about those SR heads, are they really just stock replacement? Cause if so, I'd much rather have vortecs right?

Also what's the diff between 377, 383, and 388. We built a 383 which I was told was a 350 bored .030 over with a 400 crank. Always thought a 377 was a destroked 400 (400 block bored over, 350 crank) But could be wrong.

According to this catalog, 377 is std bore, 383 is .030 over, 385 is .040 over, and 388 is .060 over .
But then they turn around and say that 388 is a 350 block, with 3.750 stroke and 5.7 rod and a .060 bore.
Also say that a 383 is a 400 block, with 3.480 stroke and 5.7 rod and .060 bore.

Is there more than one way to get a 383? advantages/disadvantages to both? And how do I calculate these numbers for myself?

And if I decide to run FI, what cfm will I be looking for running a 400 horse stroker motor?

Thanks guys, I know the engine gurus out there can help.


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