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i have been looking at hollys pro jection II system 1300.00 and also the tuned port injection from them a would guese they are more money. I have a 454 BBC with 10.1 ,gear drive, roller rockers and LS7 rods the heads are 781 ovel ports with the large vales i think they are lik 2.66 cant rember what ever the big stock ones are (cam is a roller 4x4)have not bought it yet might end up just hyd. any way what would be the better choice between the two. also is there any way to put a stock tbi or throttle body on the BBC. I really dont want to spend a bunch of money if i dont have to. I have seen throttle bodys for SBC with everything for 200.00 in the trader. could i get an intake and make these work. i have run these with 750 holly carb and the stock throttle body is rated at 800 i think i could be wronge any way. I am just tired of getting stuck on hills and running poorly on rough gound. also would help out on MPG. Of course it dont help that i suxk on building thanks for your time.

If it has tits or tires it will give you trouble.
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