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Re: Chevy - stiffer shocks?

I think stiffer shocks aren't the answer to your problem.. But I'd say that stiffer springs up front would be a big help for the problem since the shocks don't support the weight of the vehicle in the first place, the springs do, and when your suspension compresses with the extra weight it makes it harder to decompress (return to normal position)... Probably the stiffer springs in combination with stiffer shocks would be what you'd need...

The shocks you'd get off of trucks would probably not have the proper amount of travel for your Crown vic application since the truck shocks (I think) may be a bit longer... You could always measure from shock mount to shock mount, at rest, at full compression (when the wheel is stuffed in the wheel house), and at full extension(?) (when the other side is fully compressed... Then take those numbers to a parts house of your choice, and ask them to take a look at their shock specifications book for the brand of shocks you'd want... Maybe Bilsteins would be good for you, although they can get a little spendy... But if you were to look in that book after doing the flexing of it, you'd have the answer as to exactly which shock you'd want...

Sorry I rambled on about this, and wasn't specifically on the topic you wanted... But this is probably the route I'd go with it...

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