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It is sad to read. He sounds like he is talking down to us. I guess he will be trashing all IFS trucks. You know they are all expensive to lift. Add to that the lack of articulation he shouldn't be able to resist. And talking about stock form what about the Hummer which is a gm product too. Oh yea, and ifs. He Didn't apologise about offending anyone. He explained why we shouldn't be offended. I don't care if I have $1 invested in my blazer don't put it down. I invest @$3 in each issue of his. Whoops, Not anymore...

By the way what makes the later s-10's so much better than the early? There is no more ground clearance and they are just as expensive to lift if not more so than early. Bigger back axle. OK I'll buy that but the front is the same. You can't get a 4.56 gear for the front. The 2.8 injected motor was as strong as the pinto 4cylinders I've seen in flat fenders and it worked well on inclines due to no floats to slosh. and the auto tranny has a fairly low 1st throughout with an overdrive. I don't understand his qualifying it by early. He couldn't dig a deeper hole with a 580 case backhoe...

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