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alternator problem/story

The other day i was crusing on down to school, in my stock S-10 (exept for the sterio). The 87 S-10 with a 2.8 which is suffering from severe cancer (rust), was making some light clicking noises. I didn;t think much of it then but later that week, it started to make them lounder. Well as i was coasting to a stop at the stop sign, the engene stalled on me, for the first time ever!!. For a moment i though i ran out of gas, but the tank showed half full. I tried to start it again, but it wouln't turn over, I could hear the starter kicking in, but it would turn over. So i pushed it to the side of the road and hitched a ride to school. Once the s-10 got towed to the shop, the descovered that the altornation had froze up, thuse causing the engene to stop, and not be able to start again. Is this common for my engene. It is an 87 S-10 with a 2.8, I just had a full tun up this summer. the engine has 90,000 miles on it and at the tune up was the first time the spark plug wires had been replaced. THey also did a compresion test, and that showed that the engene was shot. Any coments on this situation

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