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Re: Help engine not turning over

Hey tim,

I'd say you got an injection problem. Like your throttle body isn't passing any fuel. Did you check computer connections for that?

A key thing to check is to see if your fuel pump is working right. Pull the fuel line off the TBI unit and pump the gas once to check for flow. I would think this is fine, since you get a little cranking, you said.

If the start up is sputtery, you could have timing problems. Did you have to replace your distributor with the computer. If you don't get that right, it will not idle. I thought I was on TDC and correct timing once, but the engine needed constant pressure on the gas to keep going. Pulled the rotor out and found I was a tooth off -- been fine since.

A long shot is a clogged egr, which I would think is on your 350. But that would've showed up before the replaced computer. But maybe computer vacuum controls are screwy.

If all this fails, do a compression check to see all your cylinders are good. Make sure spark plugs and wires are clean and that your distributor is correctly aligned. These are key to a idling beauty. Hope I've helped somewhat.

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